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Welcome to Dr. Fang Lab in the School of Biomedical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University!

Our lab focuses on developing and integrating novel biomaterials, stem cell and gene therapies, and immune therapies for treating inherited and acute cardiovascular and muscle diseases, especially, for addressing clinical challenges in disease diagnostics and therapies.

We are establishing a highly motivated and multidisciplinary research team with scientists from the fields of materials science, life science, biomedical engineering, and medicine.


  • Our lab at SJTU has been officially established. Welcome to join us! 2021-06-21.

  • Our work “Skeletal muscle regeneration via the chemical induction and expansion of myogenic stem cells in situ or in vitro” was published in Nature Biomedical Engineering! 2021-08-01.

  • Our collaborative work “Bioorthogonal catalytic patch” was published in Nature Nanotechnology! 2021-08-01.

  • Our collaborative work “Stretchable, dynamic covalent polymers for soft, long-lived bioresorbable electronic stimulators designed to facilitate neuromuscular regeneration” was published in Nature Communication! 2020-11-15.

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